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Terms & Condtions


Messaging and Communication Services

1. Purpose of the contract

1.2 - The purpose of this contract is to provide the customer with ALMOSAAFER.CO, with an office registered in the State of Kuwait, hereinafter referred to as "ALMOSAAFER.CO", from various messaging and communications services, including faxing and receiving services by e-mail , Services for receiving and sending text SMS messages, Voicemail services here in the after-call ALMOSAAFER.
1.3 - ALMOSAAFER will be sold from online at Or with specific cards sold in the distribution channels of ALMOSAAFER.CO.
1.4 - Before using any service provided by ALMOSAAFER.CO, the user must register for the service

2. Duration of the contract and withdrawal on the right

2.1 - The current contract shall be effective from the date of activation of at least one service.
2.2 - For services requiring payment of fees, the duration of the contract shall correspond to the period of validity of the fees. The contract can be automatically renewed for the period of validity of the fee if the customer so requests.
2.3 - For payment services upon use, the duration of the contract shall be at the end of the balance.
2.4 - The free services do not have an expiration date and can be canceled by users or ALMOSAAFER.CO at any time without paying any fees.
2.5 - For paid services, ALMOSAAFER may, at its discretion, withdraw in advance from the Contract and / or all Services at any time, with prior notice not less than 7 days, with the Customer paying any portions of the Advance Fees for periods Not yet expired, and any unused balance, without anything else due to the customer from ALMOSAAFER. Pre-notification will not be required in case of withdrawal for a just cause, which may include, but is not limited to traffic judged at the discretion of the absolute or undesirable ALMOSAAFER, or in case of suspicion of fraud.

3. Access requirements

3.1 - For the use of all ALMOSAAFER services, except for Internet connection services, governed by a different contract, the customer must have access to the Internet.
3.2 - In order to use services that involve the delivery of information to e-mail accounts, the customer must have at least one e-mail account.
3.3 - In order to use telephone services or services involving the sending of messages of any kind where the details of the sender are provided, the customer must perform the so-called verification procedures at

ALMOSAAFER retains the right:

A) - request that these procedures be implemented even for other services to be provided as anti-fraud controls;
b) - not activate or disable the existing services if the customer does not perform the verification procedures.
3.4 - In order to use payment services upon use, the customer must make a payment in advance through the upgrade mechanism. Then the traffic that is consumed is deducted from the credit.
3.5 - After receiving payment and meeting the access requirements referred to in this section, activation typically takes place within a few minutes up to a maximum of 3 business days. On each day of delay, ALMOSAAFER pays the client the possibility of claiming a refund on a simple request, except in the event of an accident or force majeure. The request for compensation must be received within 15 days of the incident via e-mail: Damage will be assessed within 45 days of receipt of the application. Compensation will be paid as a balance in the form of a new form or upon bank transfer. ALMOSAAFER will not pay any compensation for its free services.

4. Access to credentials

4.1 - ALMOSAAFER will provide on the client-specified mobile address the necessary access credentials to manage access to ALMOSAAFER services and maintain the updating of personal data.
4.2 - Customer shall retain and protect access credentials with maximum care and shall be directly and directly responsible for any damage caused by improper use of such materials to ALMOSAAFER or third parties.

5. Telephone numbers

5.1 - ALMOSAAFER specifies for each customer at least one personal phone number for call and other services.
5.2 - The number is attributed to the customer for the use of ALMOSAAFER services. The signing of a contract for the sole purpose of assigning a number - including free of charge - to a request to transfer to a third party operator network constitutes a breach of contract and a general obligation to have good faith in signing and executing the contract by the customer.
5.3 - ALMOSAAFER continues to associate the same personal telephone number with the customer throughout the contract, without prejudice to:
A) - the appearance of technical or organizational incompatibility with numbers;
b) - Failure to pay before the deadline set by ALMOSAAFER limited fees relating to the service from which the number was obtained.
5.4 - In accordance with the applicable legislation, ALMOSAAFER may reassign another telephone number for any reason, including terminating the contract by ALMOSAAFER or the customer, which is no longer assigned to the customer.
5.5 - The Client acknowledges the right to request transfer to another operator for the number assigned by ALMOSAAFER in accordance with the procedure provided for in the applicable legislative and regulatory provisions. The completion of the transfer procedure will require termination of the contract with ALMOSAAFER for services associated with the transfer number. If the customer signs a contract with another operator requesting the transfer of the assigned number by ALMOSAAFER and authorizes the execution of the contract before the expiry of the time limit for the exercise of the withdrawn right of the consumer, any subsequent exercise of the right may include the need to sign a new contract with ALMOSAAFER,

6 - lines

The phone associated with the account

6.1 - The numbers allocated by ALMOSAAFER for voice services can receive and can make up to two calls at a time in either direction. Beyond the above limit, line users will hear a busy tone and calls will not be possible.
6.2 - In the case of congestion of telephone lines connected to ALMOSAAFER systems, users who make the lines may hear an interactive tone, although ALMOSAAFER will do all in its power to avoid this.
6.3 - It is possible to set different limits in a separate agreement after which the participating tone will be heard after receiving large amounts of faxes or calls.

7. Help

7.1 - Help requests for any service available by telephone and e-mail will be support in English and Arabic.
7.2 - ALMOSAAFER does not provide any assistance on any software used by Customer and not provided by itself.

8. Withdrawal on the right

8.1 - A customer acting as a consumer in accordance with the prevailing legislation may exercise the right of withdrawal granted under the provisions on dimension contracts within 14 days of the acceptance of this Agreement by sending a specific request specifying the intention to exercise the right. The notification should be sent by e-mail ( The customer is requested to provide a telephone number and bank account details or another postal account in the office where ALMOSAAFER can pay the amount paid.
8.2Customer expressly requests and agrees that ALMOSAAFER shall commence service delivery during the Termination Period. In this case, if the right to withdraw is exercised, ALMOSAAFER reserves the right to claim the customer in an amount commensurate with the amount saved up to the moment the customer is informed of his or her intention to exercise the right withdrawal.

Art. 9. Prices and means of payment

9.1 - Prices of goods and services are shown in the price lists posted on in the rates section.
9.2 - For services requiring the payment of the activation contribution and / or the annual fee payable in advance, activation shall be effected upon receipt of ALMOSAAFER to pay the activation fees and fees associated with the said services. For services that require a full prepaid fee, activation will take place after the receipt of ALMOSAAFER to pay the first part of the required fees from the customer, in addition to any contribution for activation.
9.3 - Services that require fees for the subsequent fee period may be renewed before the date of separation.
9.4 - Payment can be made on the terms and conditions specified on the website through:
A) Credit card on line
B) other payment systems authorized by ALMOSAAFER that are notified on the Site.
9.5 - Invoice will be issued as soon as payment is made and will always be available in the client's self-care area. Please note that the online invoice sent by email is not an electronic invoice. Therefore, the customer must print the invoice and store it according to the traditional procedures.

10 - Obligations towards the customer to use the services properly

10.1 - In no event shall Customer use the Services for unlawful purposes and / or cause inconvenience to third parties. In such cases, ALMOSAAFER may, at its discretion, immediately interrupt the Services, without anything attributable to Customer. ALMOSAAFER has the right to take legal action to compensate for any undue damage.
10.2 - ALMOSAAFER services and systems are expressly prohibited for conducting arbitration activities in the traffic of telephone calls, or in general for the development of communications traffic in order to obtain benefits, bonuses, credits, cash or benefits from third parties by simply doing so. And / or receipt, including without limitation, communications of any kind, including but not limited to the use of ALMOSAAFER systems in any way for the benefit of himself or others, through telephone calls and SMS messages sent to the phone Mobile or fixed line numbers with the so-called "self" - offers "bonus", "bonus", "premium", "personal" or "shared" costs paid in cash, credits or benefits to the holder or user. In such cases, ALMOSAAFER may, at its discretion, promptly discontinue the Services and the Customer's invoice for any additional costs and expenses sustained to traffic characteristics that are developed, without anything due to the Customer. ALMOSAAFER has the right to initiate legal proceedings to compensate for any damage suffered by it.
10.3 - The Customer may not resell to any third party, under any form, the services provided by ALMOSAAFER.
10.4 - The Service is provided by ALMOSAAFER only for the benefit of the Customer and therefore is still solely responsible for the use of the Service which he / she allows third parties to make. The Customer undertakes to notify each of the Services used by ALMOSAAFER Limited that allows the Customer to verify details of the traffic generated, including all the numbers called and were called.
10.5 - In the case of traffic deemed to be abnormal by ALMOSAAFER, or even in the enforcement of automatic or manual fraud prevention systems by ALMOSAAFER which leads to doubts about potential fraud, illegal activity or breach of contract, or even technical problems May offer infrastructure to ALMOSAAFER operators or others, ALMOSAAFER may suspend, including selectively, the services rendered and / or the customer's access to the site without anything due to the latter. ALMOSAAFER will reactivate the services if subsequent verification does not confirm doubts. ALMOSAAFER has the right to initiate legal proceedings to compensate for any damage suffered by it.
10.6 - In the event that ALMOSAAFER observes the use of the service that is not in conformity with the legislative provisions governing the activities of the call centers, it may suspend the service, including on the basis of mere doubt, and once the abuse has been verified, cancel the use of the number from the customer and terminate the existing contract, Without anything due to the client.

11. Limitation of liability and compensation

11.1 - Except for cases of intentional misconduct or gross negligence, ALMOSAAFER shall not be liable for any damages resulting from poor service, failure to send or receive messages of any kind, malfunction, poor quality, or prohibition of telephone services, incompetence Delays or errors in sending or receiving messages.
11.2 - In no event shall ALMOSAAFER be liable because it does not control the equipment in question because of poor service due to errors on the public telephone network, resulting in the delivery of the call to ALMOSAAFER with the wrong phone number destination.
11.3 - In no event shall ALMOSAAFER be liable for any damage to Customer or third parties caused by loss or by delay in delivery of e-mail messages after sending them to the SMTP server of e. Customer email.
11.4 - ALMOSAAFER shall never be liable in any way for any damage to Customer or third parties from loss or delay in the delivery of e-mail messages resulting from the impossibility of accessing them through the public network for any reason at least one SMTP server for the client's email domain .
11.5 - ALMOSAAFER shall not be liable in any way for any problems related to the disruption of VOIP services attributable to improper / inappropriate / incompatible configuration, client client SIP or any part of the network not under the control of ALMOSAAFER .
11.6 - ALMOSAAFER is never responsible in any way for the content of messages sent, sent or received through its services, in addition to customer calls made by customers. The Client expressly indemnifies ALMOSAAFER from any potential request for third party compensation for Content if its messages or telephone calls.
11.7 - ALMOSAAFER shall not in any way be liable for any damages that may occur to Customer or third parties for the assignment, in accordance with legislative provisions, of numbers previously assigned to others.
11.8 - ALMOSAAFER shall not be liable in any manner for any improper use of the figures by the customer who compensates ALMOSAAFER of any application for damages or fines from regulatory authorities or from third parties.
11.9 - The database is maintained by Bensim under the contract between almosaafer company with Bassim Company Ltd., which specializes in international roaming services and telecommunications services.

12. Confidentiality of messages in transfers and protection of personal data

12.1 - ALMOSAAFER undertakes not to access and / or intercept the content of messages and / or telephone calls through its systems, and not to transfer such content to third parties, except where required by law after a request by the judicial authorities and police. Similarly, it complies with data traffic management laws.
12.2 - All personal data are collected and processed to carry out all necessary tasks for the provision of messaging and communications services provided by ALMOSAAFER, as well as for conducting statistical research and sending it to the client's email correspondence by e-mail. With respect to products or services similar to those purchased by the customer. The company's name can be used for the customer by ALMOSAAFER as a reference during business negotiations. With Customer's consent, which can be expressed freely by marking the special box at the time of registration, ALMOSAAFER may send its own business correspondence or third party to the Customer via SMS, fax or e-mail. The correspondence mentioned at any time may be canceled by contacting the ALMOSAAFER Customer Service.
12.3 - In the context of the services you provide, ALMOSAAFER provides the customer with voice mail functions and storage of SMS messages that are sent and received. To this end, the customer assigns ALMOSAAFER as the data / telephone / telephone data supervisor that is made or received by the user and the content in question. ALMOSAAFER will save the said data to the time requested by the customer who has the right to delete it when it is dear. ALMOSAAFER will protect the said data with regulatory and logical actions required by law.
12.4 - The client assigns ALMOSAAFER as the Data Supervisor to handle the telephone contact metadata received by the user. ALMOSAAFER will save the said data for the time requested by the customer and in any case for a maximum of two months and thirty days in case of missed calls. ALMOSAAFER will protect the said data with regulatory and regulatory actions As required by law.

13. Shipping policy

13.1 - Handling time and rates

All orders are processed within 2-3 business days. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays. If we face a large number of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Please wait extra days for transportation on delivery. If there is a big delay in shipping your order, we will contact you via email or phone. Shipping charges will be charged to your order and displayed on payment.

13.2 - Confirm shipment and order tracking

You will receive an email confirmation once your order has been shipped containing your tracking number (s). The tracking number will be active within 24 hours.

13.3 - Customs, duties and taxes

ALMOSAAFER is not responsible for any custom duties and taxes applicable to your order. All charges incurred during or after shipment are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.).

13.4 - Damages

ALMOSAAFER is not responsible for any damaged or lost products during shipment. If you receive your damaged request, please contact the shipping company to file a claim. Please save all packaging materials and damaged goods before making a claim.

Art. 14. Warranty

14.1. - Electronic devices are limited warranty

Seller will transfer to the Buyer any warranties or transferable compensation provided by the manufacturer of the product or a third-party supplier / service provider to ALMOSAAFER. ALMOSAAFER assumes no liability to the Buyer beyond the express terms of these Product Guarantees.

ALMOSAAFER's exclusive obligations with respect to the non-conforming product or service, at Seller's option, must be to repair or replace the product, if defective, to restore service performance, or to refund to the buyer the purchase price paid for the product or service. Regardless of anything here on the contrary, the liability of ALMOSAAFER under this Section for all claims shall not exceed the total payments of the buyer for the products or services that are the subject matter of the dispute and the foregoing is the sole and exclusive remedy of the buyer for all claims under this section.

If a device is damaged or damaged, it may be returned in the same condition as the buyer received with the original box and / or the original packaging. Once the seller receives the returned device, it will be checked and if the device is found to be defective or damaged, the seller will process the refund, excluding any shipping charges incurred.

No warranty will be applied to any product that has been misused, improperly tested, assembled, misused, or operated in contravention of current installation, maintenance, operation, or industry standards.

15. Contractual adjustments

15.1 - ALMOSAAFER may make any amendments to the current contract by notifying the customer at least 30 days prior to the entry into force of the said amendments. If Customer does not accept the previously announced amendments, it is entitled to withdraw from the contract without anything due to ALMOSAAFER
15.2 - Under our contract with the (Bnesim limited company) to represent them in the sale and distribution (Almosaafer sim card), to represent them in all agreements and contracts with the users for the international travelers, so the company provided us sim cards for sale and distribution to customers To serve them in the case of travel, in accordance with the terms of this agreement agreed upon, this contract was based on the customer's desire to use the traveler outside the State of Kuwait.
15.3 - it may not be the agent or distributor the ability to abide by this contract or provide the desired service due to circumstances beyond our control, in particular, that the contract with foreign company and almosaafer sim cards and almosaafer applecation is powerd by bnesim limited which is based in Hong kong there were sudden changes have been informed late or forgetting to report does not hold us accountable, and there may be artificial or natural disasters such as riots or war or urban or disable some services or governmental actions with operator Main catalogs of situations that cause delay service or deactivate it and causing to disable passenger slide service or delay or cancellation of full it does not lie with the seller and distributor any responsibility about it.
15.4 - applicable law This contract is governed by the laws applicable in the State of Kuwait and the Kuwaiti courts are competent to adjudicate in any dispute about the future Item VII preferred version In the event of any conflict between the English and Arabic versions of this contract be Arabic version is preferred

16. Mobile App Contacts Usage

16.1 - This part of the privacy statement describes how the Company collects and uses the contact information you provide by granting the contacts access permission in the Application. It also describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your information and how you can access and update this information. We access the following personal information from your address book: Contacts’ names Contacts’ email Contacts’ telephones Contacts’ organization Contacts’ postal address Contacts’ birthday Contacts’ gender We use this information to Populate your Contacts data in the app. To import your favorite contacts into the QuickDial list, if you also enable the “Busy Lamp Field” feature on a contact, the favorite contact’s number (URI) will be included in your SIP traffic, but will not be stored anywhere. Enable the Smart Contacts feature, which helps you to make free calls and enjoy seamless communication with other users with SIP accounts on the same provider. If your SIP account is configured to use the Smart Contacts feature, we securely upload your contacts to the server in order to recognize Application users among your contacts. We will only use your Contacts information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us.